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The Val Maggia in general, and the Val Lavizzara in particular, offer many more possibilities than one might imagine. First and foremost, of course, there are a wide variety of hikes, long or short, difficult or easy, known or unknown. Fusio is the starting and finishing point for a large number of Alpine routes.

Ask us to find the ones that suit you, the ones you haven’t explored yet!

Val Lavizzara

Val Lavizzara also allows for long bike rides, different baths every day along the Maggia, a dizzying moment of climbing along the Lago Sambuco dam or cultural visits to Mogno (Mario Botta’s church), Peccia (sculpture school and international sculpture centre), Prato Sornico (the stone paths), Brontallo (its village). The list is of course not exhaustive!

And if you want to leave this wonderful valley for a day, there are nearby valleys with different but no less impressive beauties waiting for you less than an hour from Fusio. Whether it’s the Val Rovana with its Walser heritage, the Val Bavona with its rugged and overwhelming nature or the Valle di Lodano with its wonderful forests.

To get an even better idea, to access thematic proposals, we let you discover the region through the following links: 




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